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What Will You Give to Goodwill?

You know how we release old stuff that we don’t need any longer to Goodwill? Why don’t you release your old emotional stuff that doesn’t serve you any longer to goodwill? How will your life change for the good?

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“Me too” Builds Empathy

He said, “It’s about time you used some common sense.” And I felt naked and ashamed. She said, “Lose some weight, and maybe I’ll consider going out with you.” And I felt naked and ashamed. She said, “You got black balled from this group; we don’t want you as a member.” And I felt naked and ashamed. Ouch. Words wound. [...]

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Love Through Tragedy

On Monday, I was in the Grand Rapids, MI airport when reports of the Boston Marathon bombings broke through. Bombs were set for horrible destruction. Somebody or some bodies chose evil with intent to kill and maim and frighten. As is typical in a crisis, the news ran the same desperate, horrific photos with dramatic commentary over and over again, [...]

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Check Yesterday’s Baggage- Is it Keeping You?

“Don’t let yesterday’s baggage keep you from today’s travels.” Hannah Krogh (age 19) Hannah’s words remind me to check my current baggage. What am I carrying? How much does it weigh? What can I do to dump it, release it, or pass it on to enjoy even more freedom in my life? It amazes me that unwanted baggage creeps into [...]

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Compassionate Listening

“Feelings, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa Feelings…”

Ten days ago, I felt lousy. It was a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day for most of those daytime hours. My body ached, and my legs refused to move beyond a plodding walk. At different times that day, tears flowed at the speed I wished my legs would move. I felt so tired. I hurt so much. And [...]

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Strategies to Build Trust and A Quicker Response to GOMO!

Today, a new client asked for practical, action oriented ways to build trust in her relationships. Right away, I turned to our list of “Strategies to Build Trust.” Over the years, these strategies have built dozens of high performance teams that accomplish extraordinary goals quickly. Listen with focus and care for the relationship and your goal Deny Junk Talksm Reward/recognize others [...]

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Launch Your Leadership with GOMO!®

Last Friday, I sat in a Starbucks, enjoying a latte and gazing out at the bay in San Diego as I put final touches on the preparation for a GOMO! Leadership program. This week, I want to share the premise of that work as inspiration for you to take GOMO! into your next steps for more meaningful leadership. Positive influence- [...]

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Grudges Cost You; GOMO! Frees You- Does That Make Your Choice Clear?

“Don’t lay claim to a grudge that you don’t want to belong to you.” Nearly a year has passed since I discovered something “wrong.” Ovarian cancer staked a claim on my strength and health early last March. It’s been quite a year. I’m a fortunate woman with a whole lot of gratitude for much of my experience with cancer. I’ve [...]

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The Power of Forgiveness

“Every day you don’t forgive, it’s as if you are ingesting tiny bits of poison.” (Harold Bloomfield) I’ve read those words in some form from several different people. Pretty powerful. But not powerful enough in a couple of relationships. It turns out that I’ve been willing to ingest tiny bits of poison to protect my rights as a wronged victim [...]

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Welcome Mat

Welcoming Prayer

Interested in strengthening your GOMO! muscle?  Absorb these words by Mary Mrozowski for the next 30 Days; you’ll discover new power. The Welcoming Prayer Welcome, welcome, welcome. I welcome everything that comes to me in this moment *because it can contribute to my healing. I welcome all thoughts, feelings, emotions, persons, situations, and conditions. I let go of my desire [...]

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